Broadly, pasteurization can be categorized as either low r high temperature pasteurization methods. Both of these can either be batch or continuous processes.

Low temperature pasteurization is majorly concerned with food safety and aims at killing all pathogenic microorganisms and reducing spoilage types in a food sample. Milk that has undergone low temperature pasteurization is suitable for making cheese because it encourages syneresis.

Low temperature pasteurization can assume various temperature/time combinations such as 63°C/30 minutes or 72°C/15 seconds. Mild heating kills all pathogenic bacteria and reduces the load of spoilage bacteria but preserves most physico-chemical properties of the milk, Milk Pasteurizer Exporter, Manufacturer and Supplier India.

On the other hand, high temperature pasteurization aims at killing the vegetative pathogenic and spoilage bacteria as well as denaturing as much serum protein as possible. High temperature pasteurized milk is more suitable for making yogurt because Syneresis will not occur. The serum proteins are denatured hence they will not separate.

High temperature pasteurization involves intense heating and may involve temperature/time combination regimes such as 140°/2 seconds, 85°C/30 minutes, or 90°C/20 minutes. Intense heating aims at destroying serum proteins to avoid syneresis.

The choice of the pasteurization method depends on several factors, which may not be limited to: Intended purpose of the pasteurized milk, Access to sophisticated equipment,

Volume of milk to be pasteurized, Target microorganism, etc Whatever the case, one can choose to carry out normal pasteurization or ultra pasteurization. Normal pasteurization will preserve milk for about two to three weeks while ultra pasteurization will preserve milk for even up to one year.

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Technical Details :-

500 to 2000 Lt. Milk pasteurizer manual operating system skid

List of material we used in skid:-

  •  500 to 2000 Lt. Milk pasteurizer
  •  SS pipe frame structure
  •  balance tank (as per size)
  •  Inline filter
  •  1 hp milk pump
  •  Flow control valve (manual)
  •  14 sec. holding time tubes
  •  14 sec. holding time tubes
  •  Electrical panel with temperature indicator and starter
  •  All pipe connection we should provide up to skid outer boundary with require valve connection, pipe , pipe bend, pipe clamp, flange, union and gasket
  •  In skid legs we should provide height adjusted ball fit
  •  We should provide require hot water and chill water valves.

We are one of the established manufacturers and suppliers of a wide assortment of pasteurizers. These pasteurizers are made in accordance with international industry standards and ensure optimum performance. These are available in various capacities as per the choices of our clients. Precisely designed and developed these pasteurizers are very safe and secure to use and are also easy to maintain. These find their wide application in various food and dairy industries.

Milky” Batch Pasteuriser 500 Lit

  • SS 304 Insulated + Jacketed Pastuerization Tank 500 Lit
    Inner :
    2 Mm, Inter: 1.5 Mm, Outer : 1.5 Mm, Two Side Operable Cover, Agitator Blades And Shaft, 50 Mm Lrb Insulation
  • Outlet Valve : Bf Valve With SMS Unions, Size As Per Standard
    Matt Finish, Outer : Glass Beat With Logo
  • Heater :
    500 Lit Batch Pasteuriser : 6 Kw*3 No, Heats 85 Degree C From 35 Degree C.
  • Agitator : Gear Box (Rotomotive Make, 40:1, Box 63) And Motor As Per Standard (3phase, Rotomotive Make)
  • Electrical : Panel Box With Pid Controller And Sensor, Reputed Make Vfd For Speed Control Reputed Make Contactors And On/Off Switches With Wiring.
  • Vfd : Crompton Greaves Make Vfd For Speed Control
  • Sensor : Pt100 900 Mm Long Probe Length (Ss304)

Milky” Batch Pasteuriser 1000 Lit

  • Inner Shell : 2 mm, bottom: 2.5 mm, gearbox plate: 4 mm
  • Inter shell and bottom : 2 mm, Outer shell and bottom: 1.5 mm Agitator blades and shaft, 50 mm LRB insulation Outlet Valve SMS union, 51 mm
  • Inner : matt finish, outer: glass beat with LOGO
  • Heater : 12KW*3 nos. Heaters, Heats 80 degree C from 35 degree C.
  • Electrical : Panel box with PID controller and sensor Reputed make contactors and ON/OFF switches with wiring.
  • Two side operable cover
  • Agitator : Gear box (Rotomotive make, 40:1, Box 80) Motor (3phase, 2hp, Rotomotive make)
  • VFD : C G make VFD for speed control
  • Sensor : PT100 700 mm long probe length (SS304)